North Coast 24



  • All hotels are accessible from Hopkins airport via shuttle, light-rail trains and/or taxi service. Transportation from hotels to the race site is by taxi or rental car. Distance to the race site from listed hotels is minimal, except those hotels listed as "Hopkins Airport".





1. The Diner on Clifton           (BLD)

2. Starbucks on Clifton           (BL)
11501 Clifton Blvd
(also see map below)


3. Diana's Deli & Restaurant               (BLD)

4. Peppers Restaurant  (D -  great pasta!)

5. Maria's Roman Room         (LD)

6. Porcelli's      (LD)

7. Great Lakes Brewery          (LD - best beer in town)

8. The Tap House        (LD)

9. The Market Cafe     (BLD - inside the West Side Market - see next listing)

10. The West Side Market (BLD and everything else, including falafel)

11. Dave's Supermarket in Ohio City, Carroll Ave.

12. Reserve Square Grocery
In lobby of the Reserve Square building. Access from East 12th or 13th, between Superior and Chester Ave.

Starbucks - only 1.76 miles away from Edgewater Park