North Coast 24


  • InIn the heart of one of Ohio's largest cities, Cleveland Lakefront State Park provides natural relief to the metropolitan skyline.

  • At Edgewater Park, sand beaches, tree-lined picnic areas and panoramic views of the lake are all found within the park along the Lake Erie shoreline. The North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run will be held in Lower Edgewater Park.



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Edgewater Park is located at the Edgewater Park Exit of Cleveland's "West Memorial Shoreway" (Rt. 2), west of downtown Cleveland between the exit for West 25th & the Clifton Blvd. exit / entrance.

FROM THE SOUTH ON I-77 OR I-71                                                                  
(From locations south, i.e., Akron, Columbus, ETC.)                      
The easiest way to get to the West Shoreway (& Edgewater), is to stay on the interstate through downtown Cleveland, past Jacob's Field and the exits for Carnegie, Chester, & Superior Avenues.  Follow signs for Rt. 2 West or the West Shoreway.  Stay in the right two lanes and follow the sharp right turn in the freeway called "deadmans curve".  Stay in the right lanes coming out of deadman's curve and take exit Rt. 2 West Lakewood.  Follow Rt. 2 / West Shoreway past the Rock Hall of Fame & the Cleveland Brown's stadium.  After crossing the Main Avenue Bridge, continue past the West 28th St. Exit, the west 49th St. Exit and then exit at "Edgewater Park".  Read the "Edgewater Park Exit" instructions below.

ALTERNATE (I-71 Only)                                                                                       
(From locations south)                                                                         

For those somewhat familiar with the west side streets in Cleveland & Lakewood, you can exit the I-71 freeway at West 150th exit & turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp (to head north on West 150th).  Continue past Lorain Ave. (the name of W. 150th now changes to Warren Rd., but it is still the same road).  Continue north on Warren Rd. until you reach I-90.  Take I-90 West toward Downtown Cleveland.  Stay in the right lanes to exit to the right at the West 117th exit.  Turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp (to head north on West 117th).  Continue north on West 117th (past Berea Rd. past Madison, past Franklin, & past Detroit Rd.  Turn right onto Clifton Blvd. )to head east toward Downtown Cleveland and away form Lakewood).  Continue east on Clifton & read the if coming "From the West on Clifton Blvd." instructions below.

FROM THE EAST ON I-90 / RT. 2                                                                             
(From locations east, i.e., Euclid, Wickliffe, I-90, I-271, etc.) 

Remain on the I-90 / Rt. 2 freeway to Downtown Cleveland.  Move to the right lanes after the East 55th exit & stay to the right at the "deadmans's curve" split near Downtown.  You will be following the Rt. 2 West Shoreway signs.  Do not take the sharp left turn on the freeway & do not follow the I-90 West signs.  By continuing straight in the right lanes at the split, you will be now heading west and entering the West Shoreway, & will be almost there.  Follow this West Shoreway past the Rock Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Brown's stadium, & over the bridge & past the exit for West 25th.  Exit to the right at the Edgewater Park Exit & read the "Edgewater park Exit" instructions below.

FROM THE WEST ON CLIFTON BLVD.                                                                   
(From locations west, i.e., Lakewood, Bay Village, etc.)         

Continue on Clifton Blvd. through Lakewood heading east toward Downtown Cleveland.  Clifton Blvd. merges directly on to the West Memorial Shoreway in Cleveland after Clifton intersects with West Blvd., Baltic Ave. & Lake Ave.  Stay in the right lane entering the Shoreway & merge to the extreme right lane as soon as possible.  Exit to the right at the first exit the Edgewater Park Exit.  Turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp & drive under the underpass.  Now read the "Edgewater Park Exit" instructions below.

EDGEWATER PARK EXIT                                                                                      
If coming from Lakewood or West,drive down the exit ramp, turn left and go through the underpass toward Lake Erie. 

If coming from the east, turn right at the bottom of the exit ramp. 




If you are using a mapping application, DO NOT use the 8701 Lakeshore address to get directions.  That's the Park Office about 15 miles east of the race location.  If you have Google Earth/Maps then "W. Shoreway Dr, Cleveland Ohio 44102" will work.  


GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 41°29'26.38"N
Longitude: 81°44'3.14"W